Molly Brown


After months of prep, Molly was finally ready for surgery. Check out her story via.
Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway


MOLLY BROWN, a sweet mama #Pitbull we rescued a few months back was finally ready to have a much needed reconstructive surgery on her foreleg earlier this week. Her incredible adopters, Jenn and Chris, are helping her recover and we are all excited to see her up and about soon!

We are so appreciative of all of our supporters and their donations. MOLLY BROWN’S surgery was made possible by generous gifts from the incredible folks at The Garden Creative and Investigation Discovery and we are beyond grateful. 

Special thanks to the high level of care, knowledge and professionalism from the Surgery Service 2 team at The Animal Medical Center led by Dr. Daniel Spector. This sweet pup now goes by PENNY COPPERBOTTOM and has an incredible life ahead of her!

BONUS: while she was recovering at AMC she received a celebrity VIP visit with CHIMBEY, who was there for a PT session, AND she got a coveted smooch from our handsome #elderbull!

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